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XFL Looking To Hire Female Officials For 2020 Season

Since the inception of the new XFL for 2020, Oliver Luck and Jeffery Pollock have made a point to hire a diverse group of front office personnel, team presidents and coaches.

To the hiring of Heather Brooks Karatz and Janet Duch as team presidents. To the three minority head coaches in Winston Moss, Pep Hamilton, and Jonathan Hayes.

The new XFL is all about diversity and changing perceptions. So it is not surprising they would keep that same philosophy when it comes to their officiating crew. Dean Blandino, head of XFL Officiating confirmed this on The Football Girl Podcast.

Blandino told Melissa Jacobs that the XFL is making a “concerted effort” to hire qualified female and minority officials. He said, “we are trying to create more opportunities for female officials and minority officials.” “We are going to put together an inclusive staff.”

You can listen to the full episode of The Football Girl Podcast here. They discuss the XFL at the (13:53) mark of the show.

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