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XFL Custom Helmet Visors Will Not Be Part Of Gameday Uniform

Many XFL fans were a buzz on social media when the XFL showed pictures of players wearing custom helmet visors. From Allen Iverson’s infamous ‘Practice?” image to Michael Jacksons BAD logo.

This somewhat reminded fans of the original XFL in 2001 when players were allowed to put whatever they wanted, within reason, on the backs of their game jerseys. That is where “He Hate Me” was born, an icon of the XFL 1.0. Era.

Fans shouldn’t get too excited about these custom helmet visors as according to our own Max Levy a source told him.

“It won’t be allowed on game day because trainers need to see player’s eyes when they evaluate certain injuries. “

Sorry XFL fans, we would love to see these custom visors too on gameday but not at this time. It is something fun the players are doing during the XFL’s training camp in Houston, Texas, this month.

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