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What An XFL Season In A Bubble Could Look Like

While spring may seem a long time away, and we’re all hoping to see the games from the stands, it’s entirely possible that the XFL will have to play the 2021 season in a bubble. The MLB and NFL will be indicators of how not doing so will affect the spread of COVID, and it may ultimately just be safer to set up a secured environment for the season.

Dana White, in his public comments about the XFL, stated that he would help the new ownership develop COVID precautions. The UFC’s founder has created a venue known as “Fight Island” where their events can take place in a quarantined manner.

Obviously the infrastructure for 50v50 rosters and their coaching staffs to compete is a lot different than two fighters in the ring at a time, but some of Dana White’s coaching will go a long way to helping create a safe environment for football. The NBA and NHL are effectively having their playoffs in the bubble as we speak, and the blueprints are there.

The XFL even has precedent for something like this, as the 2020 training camps and preseason all took place in Houston. Teams centralized there and held practices at various football fields, making it much easier for teams to fill out their rosters, make trades and scrimmage each other without associated travel costs.

Now, the motivation may be different, but the relevance of the concept stands. Plus, a 10-week season is much easier to quarantine for relative to some other pro leagues’ longer seasons and playoff schedules.

Could we see a version of Football Island? That would be awesome, but don’t be surprised if the XFL’s season takes place in one of its premiere cities, like Houston, Seattle or St. Louis.

Matt Nagashima is a Sports Writer for XFL News Hub. Born in Denver and raised on the John Elway Super Bowl tapes, he has been following the game since he was a kid. He studied at Colorado State University and graduated with a Degree in History and Creative Writing. Writing about football is his forte, but he's also been published twice in literary journals and continues to build his portfolio

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