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ESPN’s Steve Levy Says NFL Wants The XFL To Succeed

ESPN’s Steve Levy, the new Saturday play-by-play voice of XFL games on ABC, was recently on The Dan Le Batard Show. Stugotz and new XFL sideline reporter Dianna Russini asked the longtime ESPN vet about the new league.

“I have turned down XFL interviews since the news broke because I don’t know anything about what we are going to do yet.”

Levy was asked by Stugotz why the XFL going to work.

“Vince McMahon(A), Disney (B), Fox (C), and I think the NFL wants this to work. I really do.

He goes on to say

“This is the last best opportunity, and I think because the NFL wants this to work and because based on mistakes made in the past with other spring football leagues. I think this is the one.”

Russini then reveals that she was not sure she wanted to work on XFL broadcasts.

“Once I heard Levy was on the call, I was like sign me up.”

Steve Levyanalyst Greg McElroy, field analyst Tom Luginbill and reporter Dianna Russini will call the XFL kickoff game – Seattle Dragons vs. DC Defenders on February 8th at 2 PM on ABC.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Benjamin Cole

    November 16, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    If Vince McMahon wants the XFL to succeed, why did select such stupid mascots and names for the XFL teams, with silly pre-fabricated identities and histories.

    The XFL as presented to you by Roller Derby? Will these be real football games, or scripted?

    Will the WWE stage wrestling “matches” at half time?

    I wonder if WWE referees will double as XFL referees.

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