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The Super Bowl All-Time Team

While waiting for Sunday’s spectacle in Tampa Bay, we created a Super Bowl dream-team of the best performers in this famous event.

Everybody is excited to see who will lift the Lombardi Trophy this season. According to the NFL odds, Kansas City Chiefs are closer to winning Super Bowl LV. We covered all positions and highlighted players who put their stamp on their Super Bowl appearances.


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It wasn’t hard for us to select a quarterback. With 18 passing touchdowns and 2838 passing yards, Tom Brady dominates all players in his position. No player in the Super Bowl history hasn’t made even half of Brady’s passing yards. Brady – the most successful player in football history –  will have the chance to lift the Lombardi Trophy for the seventh time in his career on Sunday evening.

Speaking of running backs, Franco Harris is the all-time leader with 354 rushing yards amassed between 1975 and 1980 in four Super Bowl appearances. He also added four rushing touchdowns that place him on the joint-second place in this category. While we are speaking of the rushing touchdowns, Emmitt Smith is the all-time leader. Although he made just three Super Bowl appearances, Smith recorded five rushing TDs. He also averaged 96.3 rushing yards per game and totaled 289.

Jerry Rice is the greatest wide receiver of all time, and his record of 589 receiving yards is still active. He added eight receiving touchdowns, which is an absolute record. Lynn Swann was the best pass catcher until the late ‘80s, thanks to his 364 receiving yards. With three receiving touchdowns, he is still the joint-second on the all-time list. Swann was dominating in the ‘70s, and his records were unbeatable until Rice came on the stage.

Rob Gronkowski is the most dominant tight end in the history of the Super Bowl. No player managed to get close to his 297 receiving yards and three touchdowns. If we consider the overall stats for receiving yards, Gronkowski takes the 6th position.

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Since sacks are the most valuable parameter for defensive ends, and L.C. Greenwood is a logical choice. With his five sacks – four coming against Dallas Cowboys – he is the all-time leader. Charles Haley is the only player who lifted five Lombardi Trophies, aside from Tom Brady. He also takes 2nd place on the list with 4.5 sacks.

Out two picks for defensive tackle positions are Willie Davies and Justin Tuck. Davies takes second place in the all-time list for sacks, while Justin Tuck recorded nine tackles and deserved to be listed here.

Jeff Siemon, a tackling machine, recorded 30 of a kind and is the best fit for the middle linebacker. Wally Hilgenberg and Cornelius Bennett follow him as outside linebackers with 26 and 25 tackles, respectively.

Larry Brown and Darrien Gordon made most interceptions to find their place on the cornerback positions. With seven tackles and two interceptions, Jake Scott is our top free safety, while Rodney Harrison is a natural choice for the strong safety with 34 tackles.

Special Teams

As the best kicker in the Super Bowl history with 13 extra points and seven field goals, Adam Vinatieri also found his place in the all-time team. Finally, Jerrel Wilson completes this list as a punter with his record of 46.5 yards per punt.

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